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I actually found a place that sell screentone for like 1.20USD

I Know is a small family business... so let me talk in detail

I purchase the manga screentone at this I waste like over 100 dollars for 130 screentones... and guess what the price... 1.20 USD for one sheet of screentone ( one dollar 20 cent)... and when they ship to my house, I open it and they are exactly the same as DELETER and all those famous brand that create manga screentone. THeir set of color is fantastic too, the color is so strong and warm. 

I order online at this facebook page shop called CRT screentone, they have many valuable item they create to help mangaka improve with a a very cheap price. As I was saying is only 1.20 USD. this shop is a small family business who the owner of this store seem like he spent a lot of time experimenting the screentone and created to help the mangaka in his country ( which is Vietnam)... But I feel kindda suck people woulnt buy his stuff because the owner was a chinese man who born in the land of vietnam and people was pretty much being racist toward him and his product because, is seem like people there doesnt care about quality and only into the brand name and the price, and they keep saying if the product is expensive is a good product. but this man create to help the mangaka and help them to not stress over materials financial when they purchase his stuff instead of those. Forgot to mention his watercolor set was awesome, he create over 1000 colors with 1000 different smell, is like when you paint on the watercolor paper the color carry a comfortable scent. when I first painted I was like OMG. And the screentone is just as good as the japanese one. but Better because you could treat your knife like a pen and create so many effect with that screentone...

if you guy interest in checking out this online shop or want to try it out just drop by here. ( this page have an english interpreter who fluent in English to help you out if you send them a message) I even introduce my artist friend to buy their stuff and they like it XD... they even ask me if I even tries their stuff I was like bitch please I did... but I feel sad this store is not popular, they deserve it.

and for those people who live in VIetnam, the screentone, you gonna tries man is only 25K in VN dong is so easy to acquire these item... he gone through lot of hard work and he deserve it... please support this man 

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